Published that the Museum is part of the 70 most important venues of its kind in the world.
Cindy Morales, May 2016. (International Museum of the Baroque on cover and article).

“Toyo Ito designs Mexican Museum dedicated to Baroque art, International Museum of the Baroque”.
Jason Sayer, May 2016.

Considers the Museum of the most important in North America.
Rick Brettell, July 2016.

Contributed to the development of an innovative technique that enabled the construction of the more than 50 walls in the International Museum of the Baroque (MIB). Located in Puebla, Mexico, MIB is one of the country’s most important cultural centers.
April 2017.

Announces that the International Museum of the Baroque is the newest venue in Mexico, and one of the most beautiful artistic institutions in the world.
Ingrid Piper, June 2017.

Says that the International Museum oh the Baroque is a magnet that captivates visitors with its strength.
Christian L. Wright, October 2017.

Qualifies the Museum as dazzling from the uniqueness and beauty of the building.
Maya Kroth, November 2017

Mentions the Puebla city among the 18 best places to visit in 2018, highlighting that the International Museum of the Baroque pays homage to Puebla's rich design history in a building that is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.
Lilit Marcus, March 2018.

Considers that the minimalist beauty of the building contrasts with the Baroque exhibitions producing a strong visual impact.
Claire Wrathall, May 2018.